Worship Arts


At First UMC, we continually aim to reaffirm and rediscover God’s great story of salvation through music. We believe that our worship should be:

>  Biblical/Trinitarian—conveying the truth of Scripture and following biblical patterns of worship; addressing all three persons of our Triune God

>  Relational—recognizing that God calls us into a “conversation” through worship (we both listen and respond)

>  Formative—shaping our faith through the theology of our songs and prayers

>  Generous—offering and expressing all that we have before God

>  Equipping—guiding us to serve as Christ’s hands and feet, both in our community and beyond



The First UMC Celebration Team serves in the Celebration Service (9am) on Sunday mornings. It is comprised of vocalists, instrumentalists, and sound/media technicians. Most of the music played is contemporary worship music, but includes older songs and hymns. They rehearse Wednesday nights at 7:30pm, and Sunday mornings at 8:15am. All are welcome to discuss auditioning!



The First UMC Chancel Choir is a choir committed to fellowship, musical growth, and humble service. The Chancel Choir regularly sings the Anthem in the Traditional Service (11:10am) and participates in other musical ministry opportunities. Rehearsals are at 7:00pm on Wednesday nights, and all are welcome to join!



The First UMC Handbell Choir is a group of talented and dedicated musicians. The Handbell Choir plays about once a quarter, but is an appreciated part of our music ministry. They rehearse at 6:00pm on Wednesday nights. All are welcome to discuss participation!



The First UMC Drama Ministry is a growing ministry with huge potential. We have recently started presenting original drama productions on Easter and Christmas, with live music, drama and dance.

If you are interested in serving the church through any of the Worship Arts ministries, please contact our Worship Arts Minister, Dan Phillips at Dan@fumcss.com.