Pastor’s Note


Nehemiah is a fascinating character in the Bible.  Over the course of a dozen years we witness him serve as cupbearer to the king, general contractor of the rebuilding efforts in Jerusalem, and governor of Jerusalem following a return of Jewish exiles—cupbearer, builder, and governor.  While all three of these roles were important it is a fourth role that is perhaps the most important and fascinating role of all.

In the opening chapter of Nehemiah we get a glimpse of Nehemiah in this role.  What is the foundation of his life?  In the midst of exile, where does he place his trust?  With a life altering decision before him, whom does he turn to?  He has had little room for hope and the news he receives from Jerusalem is disturbing, yet we find him turning to God in prayer.  Prayer it seems is foundational to his role as a person of faith.

What is foundational to your faith?  What struggles are you currently dealing with? Who do you turn to in times of indecision or crisis?

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series entitled “Another Brick in the Wall: Lessons from Nehemiah” where over the next several weeks we will explore both the man Nehemiah as well as the book of the Bible that bears his name.  Each week we will add a new brick to our wall of faith as we seek to grow in faith.

Please join me this Sunday in Worship at First United Methodist Church of Siloam Springs at either our Celebration Service at 9 am or our Traditional Service at 11:10 am for Another Brick in the Wall: Lessons from Nehemiah.


Rev. Clark Atkins